Limelight is another piece of me that just poured out. I thought I would be writing about Lee but it very quickly became about what our love created – our baby girl.

I am currently 30 weeks 4 days and I feel this little girl moving more every day and moving closer to being earth side. Though my excitement is hard to contain there are also anxieties which I am sure all mothers go through.

At first I was just worried about breastfeeding. I know how important it is to push through it, but the cracked and bloody nipples is obviously not something I am looking forward to. Though I know that may not necessarily happen to me, it is a big possibility that I have been dreading.

However, the closer we get to our due date I find myself becoming a bit anxious about the birth in general. Excited too of course, but just nervous about how my body will be able to handle it. I read an article recently that said the most important thing you can do is visualize a positive experience. To keep your focus on the positive, on the end game, on how every moment will lead to the baby.

Of course I thought that was just a whole bunch of crazy talk and meditating on it didn’t help. It wasn’t until I put pen to paper, or in this case fingers to keys, that I felt that worry begin to wash away. I am still nervous about the big day but now I have a moment to focus on and I don’t think I could ask for more than that.

Ok – maybe no tearing and a pain free birth. A girl can dream right?

How did you cope with all those feels before birth? Let me know below!



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