Maternity Shoot

I am excited and nervous to share these. Partly because I am half naked with a huge bump that I have a love-hate relationship with not because I don’t think it looks gorgeous but because it keeps me up at night, makes me feel nauseated and forces me to pee every few minutes. However, the little angel it holds within makes it all worth it! Right?


With that said, I felt like I needed some photos to help remind me of this beautiful time in my life. I thought about going the professional route, but soon realized that I would feel like my sexiest, most beautiful mama-to-be self if I had my husband take the photos. The way he looks at me brings a tear to my eyes, and I found what I really needed was to see myself as he sees me.

These photos ended up being exactly what I wanted and needed. We took these at my parents house on Long Island, on our last trip before the arrival of baby girl (which is a little over 6 weeks away if I make it to 40 weeks!). The flowers were freshly clipped from the garden, my robe is from Victoria’s Secrete which I bought to wear while getting ready for our wedding almost three years ago, and the bra is Calvin Klein and my favorite to date though I can be seen spilling out of it a bit (since it is from my smaller chested pre-pregnancy days).

I braided up my hair since it was a hot and balmy 92 F that day and I just feel like it all worked out perfectly. Lee took photos of me all around the backyard with Napoleon always close by. While he snapped away he told me how beautiful I was, and how amazing it was that I was carrying our child. I have never felt so beautiful, so loved and so full of mama-power as I did on that day. I am so very glad that we went ahead and did it and I can’t wait to choose one to print.

Let me know if you have a favorite!


This is one of my favorites. I love the fence, how round my belly looks and how the flowers catch the light.


Here I am attempting a similar photo as the one above, but my husbands comments made me giggle and he so amazingly captured that playfulness we had during the shoot.


This is another favorite just because it is beautiful. Really beautiful.


This one you may notice I posted on Instagram. I love how bright the colors are and how I am at the base of the tree. Something about life and love comes to mind here, and though I am a writer I cannot quite put into words, in an elegant manner of course, that this really just makes me think of the Lion King’s Circle of Life.


And this last one is my Frida portrait. Serious. Sexy. Playful and full of flower power.

Now I am off because Napoleon is barking at me, adorably of course, with his paw up and his eyes wide begging for attention and probably dinner since it is past time he usually has his. Ah, cannot wait till I have him and baby girl squealing for meal time together.

6 weeks and counting people. 6 weeks and counting…



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