An Ode to Bunny

If you are one of my roughly 150 followers on Instagram (I know, I am practically as famous as a baby goat), then I am sure you have seen pictures of my first baby and furry love Napoleon. He has so many nicknames, and one that is very dear to my heart is bunny (or conejito or coelhinho). I thought I would share a few pics of this little rascal from ‘the cutting room floor.’

Yeah, you like that lingo? I am so hip.

So without further ado, a few photos of my first baby who is so near and dear to my heart… and my belly since baby girl has made her arrival. Can’t wait to see how he is once she is on the outside and share those pics too! Ah! *heart swelling*


Accompanying these photos are a few insider tidbits about this adorable pup!


My name is Napoleon Ace. I was born in Virginia and just turned 6! Spanish is my main language thanks to mom (though I understand some words in English and Portuguese too).


As you can see, I love to be snuggled. From IG you’ve seen I like being swaddled and carried around in a linen ring sling too. Now that mom has a bump I like to lay over it, let my little sister massage me with her hefty kicks, and lounge.


Here I am at Avô and Abuela’s house in NY! Actually the three last photos are from our yearly summer trip there. I love running around the backyard, barking at Avô every chance I get so he will take me to see the chickens and rolling around in the grass. Yeah, I lead a pretty glamorous life.


Look into my eyes…

Didn’t I tell you that I am a lounger? A snuggler? An all around sleeper? This is the look I gave mom when she was taking photos of donuts and wouldn’t let me eat any. PS – she gave me some eventually. Obviously, I mean look at me… look into my eyes…


And here I am, being a complete gentleman and all around adorable pup. I don’t usually look like this. Again, I am usually lounging, napping in my cave or on mamas lap. However, there was a baby carrot dipped in coconut oil that kept my attention just enough to get this snap.



Abrazos and licks,

Caro y Napo

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