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For some time now I have been trying to be as eco-friendly and organic as possible. From the food I eat to the clothes I wear to the products I use in the home, on Napoleon and on my bod, I have made a conscious effort to use only the best I can find/afford. Once I found out I was pregnant it became an even bigger priority. Though it cost me a pretty penny I dove head first into Juice Beauty’s Healthy Pregnancy Kit.

Why Juice Beauty? Which products did I choose? How’d it go? 

Let’s start from the top.

Why Juice Beauty?

Though not all are certified organic, their skincare products are comprised of at least 70% organic ingredients which made me feel like I was doing something right. The Healthy Pregnancy kit covered every skin related issue I could think of, included a lot of products I could try out at once and helped solidify a morning and night skincare routine which I really appreciated.

Now I am not going to lie, the clean and minimalist packaging was also a turn on. Something that is good for my skin and looks good on the counter? Win win.

Which products did I choose?

My first purchase from Juice Beauty was the Healthy Pregnancy Kit (yes I said first, because there were  many many many subsequent purchases).


For $199 I got the following:

  • Exfoliating Cleanser
  • SPF 30 Tinted Mineral Moisturizer
  • Smoothing Eye Concentrate
  • Cleansing Milk
  • Antioxidant Serum
  • Organic Treatment Oil
  • GREEN APPLE® Pregnancy Peel
  • FREE Hydrating Mist, travel size (not pictured)
  • FREE Organic Lip Moisturizer (not pictured)

After using the line exclusively during my first trimester and part of my second, here are my thoughts.

Exfoliating Cleanser – Smells great and had just enough grit to it to feel like it was working but not so much that I rubbed my face raw. I am not the most gentle when it comes to rubbing anything on my body, so being unable to really sandpaper my face off was a big deal for me. Also, having that extra bit of exfoliation meant that I could give my Clarisonic a break (and give into my increasing laziness).

Results? A great product that really gave me a deep clean without drying my skin out.

Blemish Clearing Powder – This was a fun one to use. A little swish of my powder brush is all I needed to do to get the benefits of this powder. It has a matte finish which is nice and since I don’t use much make up it was nice to feel like I was getting dolled up in the morning even if I technically wasn’t.

Results? Fun to use but I didn’t notice very much of a change in my acne. I had stopped using my prescription acne medication for this and had to go back. I now use this more as a matte dusting powder that  gets rid of any shine and happens to have some properties that can help with a breakout, which is a wonderful bonus.

SPF 30 Mineral Moisturizer – I chose the sheer one because my skin is an alabaster shade with yellow undertones that is difficult to match. With that said, it is thick and requires a bit of rubbing to get it to really absorb.

Results? It did great at protecting, but made my face a bit shiny afterwards. I use it on days when I am  going to be out in the sun for a bit. Really amped up my pregnancy glow and didn’t clog my pores.

Smoothing Eye Concentrate – When I first saw the bottle I thought it wouldn’t last me a week but a little goes a long way. Smells great, just like all the other products, and went on smoothly. Definitely hydrating.

Results? Hydrating but for some reason I kept getting a bit of an allergic reaction every time I used it. Not sure exactly what ingredient in the concentrate I was reacting to. I have really sensitive skin, but because of this I stopped using it early. Sad but it happens.

Cleansing Milk – Every time I used this I felt like I was pampering my skin. It is so silky and smooth and leaves my face feeling moisturized. Often times I don’t even apply moisturizer afterwards because my skin is so soft and plump.

Results? Like I said, soft and plump. I loved the feel and the fact that it is more natural than my trusted Cetaphil. Definitely used this to the last drop!

Antioxidant Serum – This liquid gold smelled fantastic and felt amazing on. Absorbed fairly quickly to a nice matte finish.

Results? I loved using this serum. Once I stopped using the other products I continued to use this one and noticed my skin tone becoming more even and my face looking brighter. My husband even started using it which unfortunately made it go twice as fast but that just shows you how effective it was.

USDA Organic Treatment Oil – Again with the smells. I swear, all the Juice Beauty skincare products make perfume and any other scent obsolete. They all just smell divine and this oil was no different.

Results? It was uber moisturizing, but I often felt that it didn’t absorb very well. I started getting a few more blackheads and pimples, and once I stopped using it they began to clear up again. With that said, this is the only thing I have found that really moisturizes my face after swimming. I had no negative effects using it during my second trimester of swimming almost daily and my skin was not greasy but was moisturized and smelled great. This is now my go to on swimming days and I haven’t looked back.

Green Apple Peel Pregnancy – This product comes out like a slightly watered down gel. It is easy to put on and easy to take off. I liked how when I was using it I didn’t look like I had a mask or anything on which was great if I got a surprise visit from a girlfriend or had to take the dog out after I thought I was settled in for the night.

Results? This peel is amazing. Every time I use it my face feels soft and clean but moisturized. I have used it throughout my pregnancy and my skin is clearer when I use it 2x a week as recommended. I love it so much that before I even ran out of it I bought three more to continue using it through pregnancy and beyond. I see myself buying and using this product for years because it works.

Hydrating Mist – Does what it says and man that smell – divine! Unfortunately the hubs got a hold of this before I could really get into the habit of using it but man did he love it.

Results? It helped refresh and moisturize without having to fuss around with creams while at work (he says).

Organic Lip Moisturizer – Smells amazing, tastes amazing and is organic. How can you go wrong?

Results? I have really dry lips that no matter how much I exfoliate, drink water and moisturize they are chapped. This lip moisturizer really digs deep. Though my lips are cracked to pieces when I put it on, this miracle softens them up so hours later they are smooth, plump and chap free. This tube has also lasted a very long time, I still have 1/3 of it to go, but I will definitely be ordering more!

Consensus on Healthy Pregnancy Kit? I loved it!

Again, it covered everything I needed it to cover, but there were a few stand out products I now feel like I can’t live without (don’t you just love when that happens!)

The Green Apple Peel and the Organic Lip Moisturizer will definitely be part of my permanent beauty arsenal, and a few more may make it in depending on my budget. I mean, I am having a baby remember! They take up a lot of time, and my addiction to tiny baby girl outfits and cloth diapers requires plenty of $$$.

Would I recommend the kit to a friend? Yes! Again, it is an amazing kit and has so many products to try. I have already recommended it to plenty of friends and like me they have all loved the products. And if it weren’t for this kit I wouldn’t have taken the plunge on the makeup side and boy am I glad I did (but more on that another time when I do a makeup review in the not-so-distant future).

I would like to thank Juice Beauty for making such a great kit for me to try. No they didn’t send me any products or have anything to do with this review, I just appreciate a company that strives to help people make better choices and helps them look good doing it. Juice Beauty did exactly that for me, which is why I continue to be a repeat customer (that repeats, repeats and repeats a ton!)

Check out Juice Beauty and the Healthy Pregnancy Kit. You won’t be disappointed, though don’t come crying to me when you realize you want to buy it all.

You’ve been forewarned.



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