This poem is one of the first that I wrote when I started on this journey. What inspired me? Rupi Kaur and Mirtha Michelle Castro Mármol. These powerful women of color are the modern poets of our time. Reading their work made me realize there was a lot that I wanted to express and let out.

As you already know, I am half Venezuelan, half Portuguese and all American as I was born and raised in the states. This has been a touchy subject to me my whole life because I identify so much with my heritage and because to most people my “look” does not match their idea of what Venezuelan, Portuguese, Latina, Hispanic, etc. looks like.

What does it look like? Me. Obviously. And it looks like an infinite mosaic of beauty that crosses the full spectrum of color, shape and size. That is where this journey started, in me exploring my latinidad. Of course, along with this, I have come to wade through another part of myself – my feminitity.

I feel very empowered as a woman. Especially after having a child, mi alma amada, I have come to realize how powerful and incredible the female body, my body, is. I started this project after I found out I was pregnant, and it has really allowed me to reflect on my sexuality, my desires and has allowed me to find a new level of respect and admiration for myself, my body, and what I have accomplished.

Are there things I would like to change? More that I want to do? Yes and yes! I actually have a list of things I want to accomplish by the time I am 30 and am still hoping I can get to some of those… but that doesn’t mean I cannot appreciate where I am now!

Pelame conjoins the two parts of me that I explored most through this project – my latinidad and femininity. It is about relationships, about lovers, about someone peeling back the layers of your being and getting to know you truly and fully. I believe it is only when you can lay yourself raw and bare, and allow someone to get to the root of your being, that you can grow together and be more and do more.

This poem makes me think about my husband, and how after so many years were are still finding new things about each other to appreciate and support and ignite. And it is from this appreciation, this support, this fire, that we were able to bring forth our little girl. And I know this is a bit sappy, but I can be sappy and postpartum hormones augment that particular trait in me. 🙂

Short and sweet, I hope it helps you look inside yourself and ignite the fire of creation within.

Amor y luz,


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