Let’s kick this off with a simple fact. I am a latina that loves food. I love wholesome, nourishing, bursting with flavor food. And I love to share it.

There is nothing more exciting, comforting and enjoyable to me than sitting at the table with my beloveds talking, laughing and enjoying a meal I prepared especially for them.

Makes sense, since I create dishes tailored to nourish the body from the inside out as a living. Lucky me! Along with my passion for organic, conscious and sustainable living, Carolyng Creates is a space where I can share what I learn, what I know and what works for me and my family.

I want to empower women to educate themselves and use this site as a tool to help them make healthier choices at the table and in their day to day lives. Carolyng Creates, in a way, is like my virtual table. A place where we can talk, laugh and get real. From recipes and morning routines to potty training fails, raising a bilingual child, guides, recommendations on products I love, and the random craft projects I whip up, you’ll find it all here…

As a writer, recipe developer, and photographer my work has been featured in Latina Magazine, PopSugar, PopCrush, The Latin Kitchen and Parade. Now I am carving a little piece of the interwebs out just for this limitless table – where we can learn from each other, grow, laugh, cry, and dine together.

Join me on this journey where I share this life I love with you. This life that is joyous, and magical, and messy and brutally beautiful that I wouldn’t have any other way. Thanks for stopping by, for taking a seat at the table and joining this radical tribe. Because when you take a seat at my table, you are familia. Through and through.

PS. My table will always be full of organic plant-based, refined sugar-free, gluten-free foods. There will be essential oil diffusing with beeswax candles lit, stainless straws in that berkey filtered water and glass jars for you to take home left-overs while we talk about our latest non-toxic find. It’s just the reality of it.

And we also have to balance and enjoy this life so don’t be surprised if you find a little something here and there that doesn’t fit this bill. We are learning, we are living and doing the best we can. I got your back and I know you have mine. Familia, remember?