Day to Day

Our Birth Story

My little baby is 4 weeks old today, and I have finally gotten a chance to sit down and write out our birth story. It was amazing and miraculous and painful and frightening and transformative and bigger than anything I thought it could be. Everyone is right when they say it changes you forever, I just didn’t realize exactly what kind of changes that would be.

Juice Beauty Healthy Pregnancy

For some time now I have been trying to be as eco-friendly and organic as possible. From the food I eat to the clothes I wear to the products I use in the home, on Napoleon and on my bod, I have made a conscious effort to use only the best I can find/afford. Once I found out I was pregnant it became an even bigger priority. Though it cost me a pretty penny I dove head first into Juice Beauty’s Healthy Pregnancy Kit.

Why Juice Beauty? Which products did I choose? How’d it go? 

An Ode to Bunny

If you are one of my roughly 150 followers on Instagram (I know, I am practically as famous as a baby goat), then I am sure you have seen pictures of my first baby and furry love Napoleon. He has so many nicknames, and one that is very dear to my heart is bunny (or conejito or coelhinho). I thought I would share a few pics of this little rascal from ‘the cutting room floor.’

Yeah, you like that lingo? I am so hip.

Maternity Shoot

I am excited and nervous to share these. Partly because I am half naked with a huge bump that I have a love-hate relationship with not because I don’t think it looks gorgeous but because it keeps me up at night, makes me feel nauseated and forces me to pee every few minutes. However, the little angel it holds within makes it all worth it! Right?