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Wondering where to look first? Below is a breakdown of what you can find here at Carolyng Creates. There is a lot more to see, but just to give you an idea…

Life | Vida

Musings, confessionals, and occasional rants on modern motherhood? Madrehood.

Insights, tips, and recs on exploring Spanish culture, traditions, and education in a multi-lingual household? Bicultural | Bilingual

Recs on products that we love and never want to be without? CC Loves

Wellness | Salud
Moving towards more conscious, minimalist living? Back to Basics

Taking a more holistic approach to your health, wellness, and home life? Crunchy Casa

Ways to invigorate and charge your body, mind, and spirit including face masks, book recs, meditations and exercises both physical and mental? Self Care

Plant-based dishes your family can enjoy with all that latin flavor you love? From plates to sweets find it all under Recipes | Recetas

Products | Recs
List of the recommendations on all the things we love in one place, broken down my subject and just a click away to purchase? Recs

Gracias familia for taking the time to sit at this virtual table where creativity and Carolyng collide. Beijos, abrazos, and hope you’ll stop by again soon!